Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Grand Unified Passion. Physics and Hiphop.

Dear all, I want to represent you something about what I likes and dislikes, one of the childish male in Study Program of Physics ITB. Before that let me introduce myself, my fullname is Sabilly Handi Pradana just call me Billy, my age is nineteen. Sorry me, if my English is not well to all of you. Back to the topic, based on my experiences about my study program, I crazy over physics because it can show me the beauty of universe with Schrodinger and Maxwell Equations, history and philosophy especially Cosmology and Nuclear/Cosmic Background Radiation. Generally, the topics that I mentioned describe how the universe begin it’s called Bigbang and what happens after that.
Let us talk about my habitual activities, my activities is doing something prefer like mathematics programming with C++, design with PhotoShop and Corel Draw, and do my homework with computer and my hobby is listening hiphop. I Really love HIPHOP. My favorite hiphop group is HOMICIDE from Bandung City because there are group not such a trash about rap on the others, there show freestyle and do rap with political-idiom addition such as revolution, anti-anarchy, anti-neoliberalism. I can stand mobs of pushy people and its called “moshing”. To increase my skill about hiphop, I be able to write rhyme or lyrics and do rap in English especially in my mothertongue Indonesian language. That’s right, hiphop on my perspective can be charge my spirit to always do my habitual activities with smile and passion.
On the other hand, I don’t like dirty animal, I really screamous if facing bug/roaches because it carrying a virus/bacterial that can make a diseases.

-Sabilly Handi Pradana (10205055)-

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